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We have created a good working environment with sufficient lighting and ventilation. Basic amenities like drinking water and toilet facilities have been provided. Parameters such as noise, temperature, humidity, lighting or weather & concerning health are considered as working environment.

We provide our students all possible facilities to acquire in depth knowledge of the subject. The present education facilities at “VISWAM INSTITUTE of Engineering and Technology” are commited

VIET has determined and implemented effective arrangements for communicating with students in relation to

a) Training information

b) Enquiries, contracts or order handling, including amendments, and customer feedback, including customer complaints.

Management commitment:

The implementation of the Quality management system is effective because top management is committed and it is evident from the following:

  • All the staffs are made to understand the student needs.
  • A quality policy has been established.
  • Quality objectives for various functions have been established.
  • Periodical management reviews.
  • Necessary resources, namely, infrastructure, finance and personnel are provided.
  • The management will also initiate all the necessary steps for continually improving
  • the quality and the quality systems.
Customer focus:

Student requirements are determined through the under-mentioned methods with the aim of meeting them to enhance student satisfaction:

(a) Frequently interacting with the students, whose requirements are sought to be met.

(b) Ensuring correct syllabus is met with regard to the student requirements.

(c) Discussing students needs during MRM.

Quality policy:

We at “VISWAM INSTITUTE of Engineering and Technology” are commited

*to create opportunities for younger generation in the field of operating heavy equipments and improving theoretical, practical and commercial by involving them in operation of heavy equipments.

* to continually improve training and services towards achieving Customer satisfaction.

Certified Institution

An ISO 9001 - 2008 & OHSAS 18001 - 2007 - Reg No:651389

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